Thursday, April 30, 2009

The things I notice

Here we are in England and you would expect to hear the odd lilt of the English accent right? Well no actually I have hardly heard a really pommy accent at all, german, french, italian, Arabic, and who knows some eastern european but not hardly a pom in ear shot. Interesting isn't it just how multicultural Britian is becoming.

Now things we have learnt in the last few days....... Taxis and buses really don't give a hoot if you are crossing the road, run cause they actually swerve to get you and then honk to let you know you are about to be run down.

Don't waste your money buying a London Pass most of what is on it isn't really worth seeing. It is interesting though and I guess it has actually encouraged us to visit place we wouldn't probably have gone to if we didn't have the card forget what I just wrote.

Don't ask for mineral water in London and expect to get a nice bubbly drink you'll get water, plain flat and probably out of the tap in a bottle.

Coffee isn't great here either so don't expect a great cup just hope its hot.

Squirrels travel in packs and will chase you for!!!!!

Alfred Hitchcock filmed the movie Birds because he had encountered the pigeons in London.

Travelling on the Tube in London will give you great thighs and will wreck your knees....I guarantee it.

You will take the wrong Tube line more than once and it will take you 3 times as long to get where you are going. You will also get very good at playing like a sardine in a very small tin.

Take some hand cleaner, wipes, dettol, whatever with you everywhere and wash your hands after every trip in the Tube. Seriously .......

It really is possible to fit approx 400 people in a tin tube about 8 feet wide and 20 feet long, and make them pay for the privledge. It's called the Tube.

London Walks are fantastic google them if you are coming to London anytime soon and take one.

British television is terrible.

Travelling is amazing exciting and never dull, I love it.

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