Wednesday, April 29, 2009

15.90 kms in one day......

Yep the title tells it all. We walked nearly 16kms today. So Europe here we come. We headed out early this morning toward Notting Hill and back towards home through Kensington Gardens where all the embassy's are lovely. I think I could handle living there. We got hopelessly lost in Picadilly while trying to find the Britian Visitors centre. Good thing we did too because we found the Duke of York monument, Admirality Arch, Big Ben at midday what a fluke and Westminster Abbey's bells ringing for ages.

I have to say I wasn't interested really in seeing Big Ben or Westminster but how silly was I. Big Ben and the building alongside look like those drippy sand castles I used to make with the girls at the beach. Beautiful. Then we walked the Thames for hours, not exagerating....We were looking for London Bridge (well Adrian was) and we found it and didn't even know it was London Bridge. Totally unremarkable and in the distance what Ade thought was London Bridge ended up being the Tower Bridge. We ate lunch in the walls of London Bridge in a pub tucked away where only people who get lost or live here would find it. Good value and good food.

I was quite interested in seeing Shakespeare's Globe Theatre....boring..and not original anymore anyway. Bummer.

Oh and in Picadilly we found a shop called Fortnum & Masons. I loved it even better than Harrods. I've read about it but never thought much about going there. It's like stepping back in time and beautiful chandliers hang glittering from the ceilings. The glass cases are filled with handmade chocolates and marzipan fruits. Cakes, teas, coffees, wines, fruits and vegetables. Scorpions in vodka, chocolate covered scorpions, barbecued giant ants, and cheeses I have never seen before. In the childrens section on the upper levels there was a little Ralph Lauren baby suit and only $50gpb. Ha!

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  1. I hope you bought him the Ralph Lauren baby suit. He certainly deserves it.