Sunday, April 26, 2009

So I was going to load a couple of pics of todays adventures but I don't have my lead with me its in the suitcase so next time.'

Today we got the shuttle bus to the airport hotel which was beautiul by the way very flash, but looking around here everything is. Heaps of gold and fancy statues everywhere. We had a shower had a couple of hours sleep. Not anywhere enough and then had a really nice Thai lunch in one of the 5 restaurants at the hotel. Then a bit more sleep and catch the bus back to the airport. And to our delight we were given free massages in the business and first class spa ...... very nice indeed and now we are relaxing in the lounge with movies running and very comfy chairs and nice cold drinks and food. I tell ya I will never want to fly any other way again. What have I done.....

So next time I write I will be in London and who knows what we will be up to something good I hope.


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