Friday, April 24, 2009

Life styles of the rich & famous or boy are we blessed

I can't believe I just spent 20 mins typing all this and then lost it, me and blogging aren't friends. Agh!! So I'll start again.

We had the funniest bus trip down the driver crunched the gears every time he changed them nearly and we left 30mins late because the bus was late arriving from Brisbane. Traffic chaos as usual and then add the footy at Suncorp Stadium Doble trouble.

So now we are sitting in the business class lounge in Bris waiting to jet out to Bangkok and then to London. It's 10pm now and we leave at midnight so we have a while to go. It is pretty cool though there are only say 10 other people in here and there is a fridge full of grog and softdrink and juice. There is soup and fresh bread, internet wifi (free) and sweets, coffee and pancakes. We have had some soup, some nibbly things and we are having some cheese and fruit now.

I tell you I could get used to this.

Anyway more after the flight which I will probably sleep through or at least I hope to.


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