Monday, April 27, 2009

The Eagle has landed!!

We have arrived!! Finally we touched down in London at Heathrow and what a relief. When we arrived at Bangkok airport last night it was around 7.30pm and we were able to check in and go straight to the lounge and low and behold we were told we were able to get a free massage each. So did we get them yes of cours we did!!!! Boy it was so good. The young lady who did mine had fingers of steel and it felt great. I would have paid for it but bonus I didn't have to. Fantastic!!!

We travelled on a jumbo this leg and we had seats in the upstairs section, I would guess at about 24 to 30 people all up. What a trip. I can say I have finally had a decent sleep on a plane first time ever. The staff were great and when we landed we felt fine. Last Christmas we were wrecked when we got home so another tick for Business class travel. It just keeps getting better.

When we checked in to the Rhodes Hotel in Sussex Gardens London, just a quick stroll from Hyde Park, we had to wait about an hour because we were so early. We went for a coffee in Hyde Park and ended up at Kensington Palace, we'll go back for a proper look in a day or two. The gardens are so different this time round, for a start there are leaves and the pond isn't frozen. Ha how funny. It looks beautiful, stacks of squirrels and flowers really pretty.

We will have a good sleep tonight and work on our plan of attack tomorrow.

Can't wait.


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