Friday, April 24, 2009

Heading Off

So it is nearly 4pm and Vicki will be here at 5.15pm to take us to the bus depot. Quick & easy 2 hours and we're at the international airpot. Of course we don't actually leave till midnight so hanging around for 4 hours isn't my idea of fun, but what can you do?

Actully I'm really excited about travelling this time, business class who would have thought we would ever do that!! So exciting.

But of course there is the fact that Alicia is going to have her baby anytime soon and we won't be here I'm not over the moon about that. We just pray that she is ok and that he is healthy and beautiful. Seeing him on the scan in 3d was amazing and he is so cute he really does have his father's nose.

So if you think of it please pray with us that all goes well.

First stop Bangkok a trip to the Novotel airport hotel and shower and stretch and lay down on what I hope is a comfortable bed and then back to the airport to hang around again, only this time for about 6 hours I think. We leave Bangkok at about 1am and arrive in London at close to 7am. Yeah then the adventure begins. Will try and post pics of course and keep you up to date with the baby news. Cheers

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