Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rainy days and window shopping

Is your mouth watering looking at the gorgeous fruit tarts in the picture above. This is just a tiny sample of the unbelievable food for sale in the Harrod's Food hall. There were chocolates, like you wouldn't believe and food from all over the world. Sushi like I have never seen, Asian, Lebanese and on and on. It's like an Aladdin's cave wandering through there. And there are camerĂ¡s flashing every where.

Now that's just the food and there are floor upon floor of clothing, perfume, shoes, handbags, home wares and anything else you can think of. I don't know how many people are shopping, I think most of the people are tourists, taking photographs. And I was amazed very few of the stores in London open before 10am. They close at 8pm very European. This trip is a little different than our Christmas jaunt. It was dark at 4pm back then and the sun didn't come up till say 7 or 8 am. Now they are having twilight and right now it is 7.30pm and it's like it is at say 5pm in Australia. We went walking this morning for about and hour and a half through Hyde Park at 6am and it was light then too.
The picture above of me at the phone booth is a little sad. At Christmas the girls and I had our photo taken in a red telephone box in every town we went too. Now its just me, lonely me in the box. Take a good look though and you can see the girls on the wall behind me. I didn't see that when I quickly opened the door and tried to look not to much like the tourist I am having my pic taken.
It's quite cold here, nothing like December of course, but it is cool and quite rainy. Gotta love the English weather. Also we are hearing nothing but news about the Swine Flu at the moment. Makes me wonder what on earth we are doing here and we're going on a tour with Americans, who probably all live right on the Mexican border. So I will have to live by Psalm 91 for the next month. Well God is good. All the time.

On top of that Alicia is expecting to have her little boy induced some time next week, she'll be 37 weeks and he at this point, has a minor heart problem which will need surgery. Talk about lousy timing, what the heck is going on. Well we will just have to rely on the Lord that all will be well.

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