Friday, May 1, 2009

Rocking in the Real World

So today we headed out to Kensington Palace spent a couple of hours wandering through the old place, what a house, wouldn't want to clean that one that's for sure. Beautiful display of Di's dresses though.

Next we went to Trafalgar Square looking for Covent Gardens. When we were walking past the square we found out that T Mobile thebig mobile company here was going to film an add at 6pm so we went to have a look. We'd seen another T Mobile add on the Youtube and it was so much fun we really wanted tobe in this one if we could. We got handed microphones and they started playing songs with the words on a huge screen. We all sang and there were about 10 thousand people there. What a hoot. At one point Pink the rock singer just appeared out of the crowd and started singing everyone went wild. Now I'm not a big rock band follower but how can you not get involved in this it was so much fun. I've posted the video just laugh we were like kids again soooo funny.

Ade bought a really nice cashmere scarf at the markets and a neat black & white photo for framing. We had a good day and we're exhausted again.

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