Saturday, May 9, 2009

So it has been a few days since my last entry mainly because we have had no internet connection, that was working efficiently and partly because I just haven’t had time. Talk about full on, we are on the go all day from waking to literally falling on the bed at the end of the day. Since my last entry I think we have been to Amsterdam, Haarlem was where we spent the first few nights and a day trip to the drug and sex capital of the world, the big A. Not really what I expected to be honest. We did a very brief walk through the outer few streets from a boat we were on to the train station. There were a few girls in the windows but when they saw us coming and realised we were tourists and not customers they pulled the curtains. In Haarlem on our second night we got together with two other couples and went for some great Italian food. Geordine & Scott from Hawaii and Ron & Becky, from Alabahama. It was interesting really awkward at first and then after we all ordered and started to relax a little it was good fun.
After our time in Haarlem we drove to Bacharach via the Keukenhof gardens. The largest tulip gardens in the world. Beautiful, really beautiful. Bacharach is on the Rhine River and we stayed in a hotel which in part is over 700 years old. Our room was the honeymoon suite, given to us by our guide Rolinka, because Alicia gave birth to Lucas Adrian at 9pm Australian time as we were on our way there. It was a special treat for Oma and Opa how cute. The room was in a tower in what was once one of the defence buildings. It was cool. Early on the first morning, we went for a walk up the hill behind our hotel and found the Werner Chapel and its monument to the Jews killed by the Germans. A red glass window installed in the ruin of the chapel. Later that morning we went walking with Herr Jung, what a treat. He is a retired school master, German and a great story teller and historian. We then got on our bus and drove to St. Goar where we had lunch on the river and walked up to the Reinfells Castle ruin. What a hill. Then a ferry ride down the Rhine home to Bacharach. Dinner was fun that night at the Rhine Restaurant with Ron & Becky, Geordine & Scott, Stewart and Darlene, Gretchen. A few others were in another room but I hate to say I think we were the noisiest. Oops seems to be my story. It was fun though. Found out that I don’t actually want to spend too much time with Stewart, quite crude and very critical of a lot of the others here. A big drinker too and a bit of a show off.

Today we drove to Rothenburg another cute little German village. Adrian & I walked the city wall, climbed the only remaining defence tower, that is open. And the 135 steps were scary let me tell you!! We then had lunch of curry wurst and pommes, translate sausage in gravy sprinkled with curry powder and chips. Yummy!!!! We found an amazing Christmas decoration shop seriously about 4 floors deep and huge. Germans must love Christmas!!!!
We bought a couple of goodies and I got a Madrushka doll 10 pieces and so gorgeous. A stacking doll, for all the uneducated. Ha ha! I seem to be coming down with a bit of a cold not good so I am taking lots of cold tablets at the moment.

Of course our big news is little Lucas how exciting. We have been receiving pictures on Ade’s phone and he is gorgeous. They are saying he still needs to have an operation tomorrow. But we are still praying he will be healed.

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