Monday, May 4, 2009

Amsterdam, the best chips ever.......

Well today we left behind London and its non British speaking people, for the totally unspeakable and unreadable language of the Nederlands. Don't believe me?..... Then decipher this if you will..
"Heeft u na het lezen van de mappen toch nog een vraag, onze receptiemedewerkers staan 24 uur per dag voor u klaar en helpen u graag verder."
Yep that is actually a language, It actually says "please don't hesitate to ask anyone of our receptionists for more details. The are present 24 hours a day and are willing to hep you with anything.... So you can see we are in trouble..
But look at the pictures and you can see it is really pretty, beautiful little streets lined with plants and honestly the best hot chips I have ever had. Served in a paper cone and topped with any sort of mayo you could want. Yum Yum YUM!!!
We roamed around for a while and then met the group we will tour with for the next 21 days. Hmm it will be interesting. I will withhold all comments at this time as it I may be sorry later. Time will tell. The entire tour except Adrian and I are American and the guide is a Dutch girl who now lives on the French/Spanish border she seems great. Rolinka is her name. The others I am sure that over time will all take up some space here, for you to meet and decide for yourselves.
We also had an interesting trip here this morning we sat on the tarmac for nearly an hour while the airline checked that we had the correct luggage on board and then when we finally did take it off it honestly took about 35 mins to fly to Amsterdam. Amazing so quick. Just as we were getting through customs to board we got a message from Paul saying that a drunk driver had hit him and Alicia on the passenger side of their car and totalled it. Well you can imagine the state that I was in hearing that and not being able to get in touch with them for over and hour and half. Eventually we rang when we landed here and I was very glad to hear that all was ok. Alicia is going to spend 24 hrs in the hospital in case anything happens to the bub or her and then she is due to be induced on Tuesday morning at 5am. Like I have said before anything for a bit of drama.
So lets see how the next 3 weeks pan out and hopefully there will be tales to tell.

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